Monday, November 23, 2009

Simple truths

Alex Tabarrok on property rights and eminent domain:
Those who would sacrifice property rights to development end up with neither.

The IMF on climate change:
The science of the issue can get pretty incomprehensible pretty quickly. And the politics are clearly very ugly. Let’s not forget, however, that much of the economics is simple. It’s an externality, stupid—so price it.

Tyler Cowen on discussing climate change:
Do not criticize other people in emails or assume that your emails will remain confidential, especially if you are working on a politically controversial topic. Ask a lawyer about this, if need be. "Duh," they will say to you.

Scott Sumner on fiscal and monetary goals:
... the press often treats fiscal policy asymmetrically, suggesting that whereas an expansionary Fed policy would be designed to boost inflation expectations, fiscal stimulus is aimed at boosting real growth. But this creates a completely fictitious distinction; both policies have exactly the same objective: boosting aggregate demand.

Mises Daily on implicit marginal taxes rates facing ... the poor:
For many of the working poor, the implicit marginal tax rate is greater than 100 percent. ... The power to tax is the power to destroy.

NY Times on why It is not a good time to be French in Francophone Africa... (HT TexasInAfrica):
Thing 1 said: We find ourselves in a paradox: The champion of the rights of man practices a politics absolutely contrary to its principles.
Thing 1's friend said: People don’t like France because France isn’t helping Africans freely choose their leaders
Thing 2 said: When we do too much they say we’re colonialist. And when we don’t do enough, we hear complaints.

More controversially, Texas in Africa reports on Cyril Obi's claims that "expecting democracy from above in West Africa is akin to expecting 'wolves [to give] birth to lambs.'"

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