Friday, February 12, 2010

Another Bag o Blog Links

In regards my earlier post on focusing on the right issues, it only improves workplace efficiency if you're focusing on the binding constraint.

The USDA appears to be slow in posting LAST year's dairy report ... by a good six months now. Any sign of it?

On the lack of evidence that health insurance reduces mortality risk

On teacher performance pay: "Even the federal General Schedule (GS) pay system is more flexible and market-based then those found in most traditional public schools. Civil servants advance through the GS not only in 15 grades, but also along 10 pay steps based on merit and experience (Ballou & Podgursky, 1997). ... We conclude that while the empirical literature is not sufficiently robust to prescribe how systems should be designed—for example, optimal size of bonuses, mix of individual versus group incentives—it does make a persuasive case for further experiments by districts and states, combined with rigorous, independent evaluations." Hat tip: MR

Planet M.U.L.E, the economic simulator/strategy game, is now online. Hat tip: Newmark's Door

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