Monday, July 26, 2010

Organic eggs: not necessarily safer or more nutritious

A new USDA study casts doubt on the health benefits of free range and organic eggs compared to factory-style production. They found no difference in how healthy the eggs were (in terms of more protein).

They also found that factory eggs were the safer eggs. Free-range and organic hens are able to peck anywhere and if the surrounding area has contaminants - old pesticide residues, factories nearby, etc - they can eat some unhealthy things that get in the eggs.

Price per dozen in Atlanta, GA:
factory eggs - $1.69
cage-free - $2.99 to $3.59,
organic - $3.99 to  $5.38.

Note that there was no debate as to whether hens were happier in one system or another; that question has a foregone answer and your consumer ethics are yours. But are the organic and free-range eggs healthier, as many proponents claim?

Hat tip: African Agriculture blog

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