Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Three from Marion Nestle

M. Nestle gives us the most recent data on the percent of US crops grown using genetically modified seed, and it's pretty high. She concludes " If you eat any processed foods containing corn, soybeans, or beet sugar, you should assume that they have a high probability of containing genetically modified ingredients.You don’t like this?  Choose organics!"

Another entry in the effects of price changes on nutrition: increasing soda prices by 35% in a hospital decrease consumption by 26%. Adding an education intervention reduced it an additional 18%, but had no effect if there wasn't also a price incentive. Or at least, that's what the abstract says. For some reason I'm having trouble accessing the article through Cornell....

You can submit comments on the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans report that was recently released, but do so no later than July 8. The report, for political reasons, suffers from a lack of specificity on foods to avoid; it specifies foods to eat more of and nutrients to eat less, but as Nestle continues to point out, people eat food, not nutrients. She does, however, cheer the report's science section which summarizes and evaluates the best modern research on some 56 questions. A Cornell student compiled the myriad small pdfs into one large (700 page) document available for free here.

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