Friday, July 23, 2010

US Aid Priorities in Pakistan

Hillary Clinton’s List of Deliverables

None of the projects Clinton announced during her trip involve new money from the U.S. They will be funded from the already announced $7.5 billion Kerry-Lugar-Berman aid package. However, Clinton’s announcements shed light on the priorities and shape of the U.S. aid program.
  • A $270 million water program, which includes construction and repair of municipal water infrastructure, a program to improve local water services (including safe water and sanitation), several dam irrigation projects, introduction of improved irrigation technology, the creation of a series of water storage damns, and expert support for water management.
  • $120 million in humanitarian and post-conflict assistance
  • A $60 million energy program (phase II), including finishing two dams, assistance for natural gas development, and financing for feasibility studies that will explore the development of a smart grid, biomass fuel conversion, a wind power pilot project, and a solar photovoltaic power system.
  • A $40 million gender equity program, aimed at advancing women’s rights and empowerment.
  • $28 million for a Signature Health Program to finance construction and renovations of three hospitals.
  • $21 million for two agricultural programs, including training for women in agriculture and an infrastructure program to support the export of Pakistani mangoes to the United States.
  • Partnership for communications and historic preservation.

Hat tip: CGD, who provide commentary

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