Friday, October 8, 2010

Big Bag o Latin American Links

The Millennium Challenge Corporation celebrated a completed contract with Honduras
“on-time, on-budget, and with all targets met” despite a political crisis and three different governments during the duration of the compact.  With numerous infrastructure projects completed and over 6000 farmers trained, the compact targeted development in rural areas and worked as a transformational tool to put in place systems that will continue to benefit the Honduran poor after the close of the compact.
 The application of the Coase theory to water management in Ecuador.Rights have been awarded the upstream water users with downstream users paying them to keep it clean and preserve forestry along the water's edge.

Growing tension in Haiti over land rights - tent dwellers have been in tents for quite some time now and the generous folks giving them the land for it are getting tired. They'd like people to move on so they can make sure their land stays theirs. But where do the displaced people then go? Higher education is similarly suffering a heavy burden from the earthquake, and it's pretty low on most donors' lists. And, by the by, here is a picture of the Haiti/DR border demonstrating (once again) the lack of trees. Most were cut down during the 1991-94 military dictatorship/embargo/inflation/everything else that could go wrong.

I have continued my tradition of picking up one of the works of the year's latest literature Nobel winner, which this time around is Mario Vargas Llosa, a Peruvian politician and libertarian. The War of the End of the World sounds like it should be quite engaging - inequality and poverty, development, state vs. individual, and it opens with a mysterious religious man with fire in his eyes.

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