Thursday, November 18, 2010

Deplorable Harrassment of Selectees, Treatment Simply Abusive

Is anyone yet mounting a case that TSA's latest outrages are violating our Constitution rights to be "secure in [our] persons…against unreasonable searches"? It's the one shadow preventing the otherwise pleasant contemplation of traveling to visit family this Christmas.

How about a better way of doing things? Option: Follow Israel's example. They know a thing or two about security against terrorism and it sounds a great deal more effective and innocent-friendly at a fraction of the cost.

If a terrorist group calling itself the Pervert Jihad demanded that, in order to prevent them from killing 450 people a year, the US government had to subject its citizens to these policies, should/would we give in to that demand?

On sanitary napkins and screening.

Reddit recommends that CNN's twitter feeder be bombarded with: "Dear Mr. President: Would you send the First Lady and your two little girls through the TSA screening process?" (HT Mises)

On the need for training and preparation (or at least a flash mob) before you go all civil disobedience on the TSA.

Oddest idea: Napolitano is really a Libertarian in disguise, trying to disgust the American public with her organization enough that they close it down.

Update: We teach little children that they can say no. Why not adults as well?
A post arguing that preventing problems in the air is the wrong goal. We could accomplish that just by banning air travel. "The goal isn’t to stop x y or z regardless of the cost. That’s why the ban on air travel is useful. It helps you see that there are some costs not worth paying."

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