Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Good sentences

Yglesias on the "Chinese mother" article making the rounds.
On the list of problems typically experienced by the children of Yale Law School faculty “not successful enough” comes way below “has dysfunctional relationship with mother.”
On Chinese entrepreneurs inventing a business we don't have in the US:
Drivers who get stuck in traffic in some cities can now get on their mobile phones and call for a substitute to take their cars to their destinations while the frustrated drivers are whisked away on the back of a motorcycle.
On how to get brilliant, non-mainstream development projects off the ground:
He set up a pilot project in a faraway state in secret — so as not to attract the attention of special interest groups.
The program? Opportunidades.

Yglesias on how to prevent anarchy: rather than moving police from protecting citizens to protecting senators,
I think it would sit poorly with all of us if assassinating a senator led to a change in partisan control of the senate via gubernatorial appointment, but many states’ laws leave the door open to that possibility. Senators ought to be replaced, in my view, either through a special election or else through an appointee pre-designated by the Senator as a legitimate proxy for his or her approach to politics.
And on nothing in particular:
So should we subsidize or tax research into time travel?

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