Monday, January 24, 2011

Sentences I agree with, provisionally

From The Economist on inequality:
rather than fretting about inequality itself, policymakers need to differentiate between its causes and focus on ways to increase social mobility.
 Boudreaux on the decline of manufacturing in the US:
But if you do have children, do you ever tell them that you want them to grow up to work in a factory?  Do they ever express such a yearning to you?  My guess is that you want your children to become doctors or lawyers or architects or research scientists, and that they, too, have such aspirations – that is, aspirations to work, not in manufacturing jobs, but in service-sector jobs.
And a Chinese philosopher on the purpose of education:
“A healthy society cannot come about when people study not for the purpose of gaining wisdom and knowledge but for the purpose of becoming government officials.” – Ye Shi

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