Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Lighter Side: The Coming Storm

Two attempts to line up the contenders for the Republican nomination for US President in 2012 attempt to identify where another candidate could step in and fill a current vacancy. (Hat tip:

The first, from the NYTimes, aligns candidates by relative moderate/conservative and insider/outsider, though any such distinctions are going to be more relative than absolute measures. Your mileage may vary. The size of the bubble depicts Intrade's probability of that person getting the nomination. Colors represent geographic interests. Clearly there is a lot of room for mildly-moderate outsiders and extremely-conservative insiders.

 The second, from the not-particularly-conservative-friendly New Republic, notes that we have a decided lack of sane non-Mormons and insane Mormons potentially running.
I am mildly interested in how one calculates non-Mormonism. What makes Palin less non-LDS than Bachman or Pawlenty than Huckabee? Just to represent the subjective difficulty, both die-hard atheists and Baptists would place themselves far from the LDS spectrum, but an LDS person would place a God-fearing, Bible-loving, praying, church-attending Baptist much closer to the LDS spectrum than an equally fervent atheist. Palin, to the best of my knowledge, has been married to just one man and is faithful to her family, making her far more LDS on that score than most of the Republican hopefuls.

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