Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Lighter Side of: Outsourcing to India

One child is reading a Captain America comic, the other is reading Captain India. The second child says, "He's twice as fast as Captain America but costs half as much."

Asok the former-Intern informs his boss that "I got a job at the Indian company where you outsourced my job. Then I arranged to work from home, which as you know is my old cubical."
Boss: Fine. Here's your assignment.
Asok: E-mail it to me. My day starts in 10 hours.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Mumbai, India, a disgruntled office worker sits at the phone thinking, "Oh, great. I call tech support and get some clown in Atlanta who can't even speak Hindi."

Gunther: Shovel your walk, Ma'am?
Woman: Who are you?
Gunther: My name is Gunther.
Woman: Where are you from?
Gunther: Um, California?
Woman: No outsourcing!! *slams door*


  1. Hi Derril Watson

    Nice Narrating!. Outsourcing to india is becoming more popular but at same time its facing lots of diifculties for eg Npower has recently announced to close offices and outsource their work to India in a move so it will cause 1,400 UK staffs to lose their jobs at the energy supplier.