Friday, March 25, 2011

Interactive Maps

Interactive third world America in maps: which areas have the highest levels of poverty, unemployment, low health, low education that we associate with low human development index (HDI) scores? My own congressional district scores in the second quintile (that's bad). The neighboring district that includes Ithaca proper is a full quintile ahead of us, largely because school enrollment is much higher and they have many more PhDs.

Mapping poverty, food security, health, and agriculture in Yemen.

Mapping food security programs by country. (HT: Poverty News Blog) You can see, for instance, that 103 of the 104 projects in Haiti work in Port-au-Prince, 20 in the Artibonite, and so forth.

What countries are as productive (total GDP) as Chinese provinces (interactive)? A nice companion to the earlier map updating this for the US. I note that central countries stand out: Middle East, central Asia, and central/Eastern Europe.

Mapping America: see the breakdown of ethnic diversity by census track for anywhere and everywhere in the US. HT: Clark Taylor

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