Thursday, May 26, 2011

I think someone may be confused

Current polls show Romney, Palin, and Paul in the lead for the Republican primary. I am mildly surprised that college graduates significantly prefer Romney, but given the amount of populist rhetoric coming from most of the other candidates, maybe I shouldn't be. The odd thing to me is this chart breaking down Paul's support by other demographics:

I can understand "Republican-leaning independents" going for Paul. RLI is one of the many code-words for libertarian, after all. The funny thing though is seeing confessed "moderate/liberal" voters plumping for Paul. I have to suppose that those libertarians decided to tell the pollsters that they were liberals, because I have yet to hear a moderate sound bite from him. His monetary policy and hatred of the Fed is anything but moderate. His isolationist foreign policy is extremely conservative, even if it's not neocon. It might be his opposition to our recent wars that does it, or maybe his approval of industrial hemp farming... I dunno. The thing to me is, given the brush people are using to paint Romney (as Obama's running mate), I would have expected actual moderate/liberal Republicans to lean heavily in his favor. So my suspicion is that Gallup doesn't bother clarifying if a person means "classic liberal" or "lefty" when they say liberal RLI.

Also interestingly, if by some happy coincidence Palin actually decides not to run, her voters are fairly evenly scattered among the other candidates: 2% more for Romney, 2% for Paul, 3% for Gingrich, 2% for Bachmann.

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