Thursday, May 5, 2011

LDS in Japan and elsewhere

One LDS missionary’s experience in the Japan quake:
For his part, Hiltbrand is itching to get back to the disaster zone.
“I really want to be in Tagajo helping people,” he says. “I have many friends in Tagajo and I don’t know how they are. I don’t know how they will clean it all up and I want to help.” ...
For example, under the direction of Branch President Brad Brough, members in Misawa donated food and warm blankets to those in need in nearby Hachinohe. Elder Holland [right] said that kind of caring is happening in wards and branches across the country.
MSNBC also praised Church efforts in Japan to supply aid, locate all members and missionaries, and prepare its people for just such emergencies so they can take care of each other and their communities.

Archeologists uncover 70 lead plates that COULD be authentic and, IF SO, COULD be quite significant as 1st century commentary on the resurrection and other Christian topics. IF they are what they appear to be, it would be another instance of people recording religion on metal plates, a phenomenon discovered in a number of places after Joseph Smith discovered the Book of Mormon on golden plates. At the time, the claim was that since no one had ever found metal plates before, the entire thing must be a hoax. Now that we know it was common, the claim is that there is no archeological evidence in favor of the Book of Mormon.

This year, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ Welfare Program turns 75. They are encouraging members everywhere to engage in a day of service this year to celebrate.

The Vietnamese governments’ comments on the LDS Church

The Africa West area of the church will be introducing internet access to many of its offices, about 64 locations.

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