Wednesday, June 15, 2011

PSAs in Nigeria

While visiting Nigeria last month, I was fascinated by the public awareness signs.

Do not urinate at the airport. Fine: $13. I can think of several European countries that could use a sign like that.

There are a large number of signs regarding HIV. Even at the hotel, they reminded me of the importance of chastity (or holding body, which doesn't quite have the same image for me as I'm sure it does for them).

Drug abuse is a dream killer - again at the airport.

Two more without words about sexual health below the fold were found in several places at the university and the 6-12th grade school. One tells you to get tested for HIV before you get married, the other to get treatment for "yama yama disease" (some form of STD - I'm not sure which and I'm not overly interested in searching long enough to figure out which one) if you have pain while urinating. Oh yes, and they are paid for by our good friends at USAID.

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