Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fascinating Sentences: AUN

"Google became interested in the University after it discovered that 55 percent of internet traffic from Nigeria came out of North Eastern Nigeria, specifically AUN."

Our school of less than 2000 people uses more internet than all of Lagos (14 million) and Abuja (the capitol) COMBINED.


  1. This isnt just utterly false but also illogical! How does this add up? Do you guys have any concrete proof to back this lie you're peddling? I can only imagine this is some dumb use of sophistry to try n distort facts. Nigeria may be a third world country but it certainly isnt so backward to have a school of a mere 2000 students accounting for 55% of its internet traffic simply because it has "America" attached to its name. I'm taking you guys up on this so get ready.

  2. Another false statistics from an unknown source,please tell us what they use internet for in the school that makes it ranks as the highest in terms of bandwidth usage.I am sure its a way of making the school buy up something from the organisation, or how else can use sell ice to an eskimo than to lie to him/her.

  3. so so untrue...
    believe dz and u'll believe anytin
    can't match d data generated by mobile users on the islands in Lagos.

  4. Dr Watson?. dosen't that name sound familiar about discoveries in the science world?. Yeah , the students might be using the internet to watch Disney cartoon Channels and Playing Computer games.

  5. AUN 55%? That's flat out Ridiculous!
    Obviously, you know nothing about internet traffic in Nigeria

  6. Consider these facts
    1. The university is the ONLY university in Nigeria that has wireless internet EVERYWHERE on campus.
    2. Aside from school work, the students use the internet for various sorts of entertainment such as Facebook, Twitter and the rest.
    3. Not only does every student and teacher have a laptop, they have phones and gadgets that allow them to surf whenever, wherever.
    4. Exams in the school are sometimes conducted online.
    5. Students check their grades and coursework progress using an online website called Banner, created and maintained by some of the students themselves!
    6. Ever heard of "Turn It In"? It's a program the lecturers use to check students' essays to ensure they do not plagiarize (cheat).
    7. Some classes require you to turn in your papers in both hard copy and soft copy (lecturer's email)
    8. The internet in this school is 24/7.
    9. Yola is a rather boring town and it is easy for students to spend all their recreational time ONLINE!!! I did it in my time.
    10. The school's email facility is Google-based and Google has actually visited to discuss a partnership with the university!

    Now, do you guys still think this claim is far-fetched? And I am a graduate of the university so I know what I'm talking about!

    Have a blessed day.

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  8. Please remember to keep comments civil. I don't mind if you disagree, but do avoid vulgarity.

    As for the factualness, that was not a statistic AUN or I came up with. I will even admit that I know nothing about internet traffic in Nigeria. That was what we were told by the Google team.

    How did Google measure it? I don't know. But that was their report, not ours. They actually came here. I saw them. I spoke with them. I was rather surprised by the idea myself, which was why I thought it blog-worthy. They said the reason they came here was because we use a lot more internet traffic than our size would indicate. They put a number on it, not me.

    The things reported by the AUN alumnus are quite true -- with the exception that the IT department has this month blocked FB and many blog sites on campus to try to reduce the demands on the system.

    All my textbooks are online. So everytime I or a student accesses their textbook, they have to go online to do that. [This is actually mildly annoying.] Every faculty member was given an iPad that is constantly online also.

    In addition to on-campus usage, all faculty housing has wireless internet.

  9. I think google needs to explain it themselves cos that isn't the only place in Nigeria where there's internet access everywhere and 24/7

  10. it may well be that some sneaky ISPs have since discovered theres a 'free' bandwith to be accessed at AUN - and trust those who know a thing or two about a "free lunch + dinner + breakfast"!! have just gone on and link up with ur backbone access, and promptly RESELL as theres, dont ask me how but, i would be well worried if i were AUN, cos, it may suggest theres a THEORETICAL possibility of more untoward use being made of your bandwith 'pipe' (if i may call it that, wwant of a better description)

    could also explain why if u go to cybercafes in say Lagos, benin, PH etc, sometimes, it so happens that most of these cybercafs 'go down' at sort o sametime-ish - most annoyingly!!

    maybe they all use the same sneak cyber access to which could become overloaded at peak use times

    In my younger days, i would find this a good cause for doing Mr Cluedo, but, abeg make the youthmen go do d investigation jooo, make i go make small change... lol

    Interesting stuff...

  11. Anywhere there is Wifi and broadband internet access, there is always the possibility of abuse which can sometimes go unnoticed by the IT dept. Mac address hijack and switching, sniffers, crackers and maskers make this so easy now.

    I sometimes 'borrow' broadband access which l haven't paid back. Downloading 5gb worth of data in less than 30minutes is turning me into a klepto.