Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Interesting Incentives: Pirates, bounty hunters, protesters, and more

For those of you in my Principles of Microeconomics class, you might find these links interesting for your second paper:

The incentives of Somali pirates. As a hint: they run their businesses by relying heavily on local credit. That means the non-pirates in town have an incentive in making the pirates productive so they get their investment back.

The incentives of cellphone bounty hunters in South Korea.

Hiring Africans to do your protest for you.

The incentive to write fewer laws so that the regulators enforce the laws you have already written.

Some simple game theory on whether you should bet big or small on Final Jeopardy.

Detroit's city government doesn't know what land it owns so people can't buy it up and develop it. How can we improve these incentives?

Migration incentives: As Mexico's economy improves and the US economy recedes, immigration not only goes down, there are estimates of 10 million Americans moving to Mexico to enjoy the warmer climate. Those of you who don't want to let them move here, should they similarly not let us in?

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