Monday, December 5, 2011

The Lighter Side of Poverty and Unemployment

Some of these are a touch old, but it's one of those "the more things change" things.

The TV is showing fictional George W. Bush ads targeted to African-American families. The voice-over says, "Let's be real. Whether Bush is President or Kerry is President, you won't have a job 'cause you really don't want one. But as long as George Bush is President, you always have a good excuse not to have a job. Stop hatin' and vote for Bush. Holla!"

Two from Ted Rall. On September 4 he penned:
Still no Jobs. How come?
1 - Obama still getting over the fact that he's prez.  "Amazing, isn't it? I'm BLACK."
2 - Too busy planning one global victory lap after another. "Forget South Africa. We already met Mandela. Let's visit Peru.
3 - Denial. "Maybe Milton Friedman was right: the economy will get fixed by God."
4 - Other stuff keeps coming up. "Stupid TiVo is stuck again."
5 -Plan to employ or kill all Americans in wars taking longer than expected. "What about Eritrea? They must be up to something."
6 - Saving jobs for second term. "I'm gonna go out in an Elijah-like whirlwind of glory."

On November 25 he drew:
11-18 The day that changed everything
1 - Everyone remembers where they were on 11-18. "I was at Starbucks. I saw it on the cover of the newspaper."
2 - A shocked nation reeled. "100 million Americans - 1/3 - are poor or near-poor. We're a third world country." "Kill the evildoers!"
3 - The President rallied us to fight a new kind of war. "We will do whatever it takes - pay any price - even give up our freedoms to cheat and steal - to defeat this clear and present danger.
4 - Pundits demanded extreme measures. "Torture saves lives. What if a CEO knows that a big layoff is going to go off in 15 minutes?"
5 - Other priorities took a back seat. "How can you think about silly wars when 100 million Americans are destitute, you traitor!"
6 - The war on poverty soon became a grim routine. "Coalition forces have killed the #2 man in the Fortune 500." Again??

And from Asay - 
The George Bush train with a carload full of jobs is chugging up the hill: "I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can...."
The camera pans out to reveal he's chugging up a molehill while the massive diesel engines The Marketplace and Entrepreneurial Spirit move along briskly
M: Do you think we should tell them they can't?
ES: Naw, they seem to be having fun.
ES: But if they get in the way, they can throw us off the track!

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