Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Best tweets of the protests

This is another post I will be updating occasionally: some entertaining tweets about the fuel subsidies (in some cases, spelled out further for the Twitter-impaired)

On economics:
This is the point where I wish I concentrated during those classes on Economics
There are 3 groups of Nigerians at the moment: 1, those fighting for the fuelsubsidy; 2, those fighting against the fuel subsidy, 3. Those who don't even know what subsidy is. I'm no. 3.
The market for high heels have died with the market for cabs.

On cars:
If he puts on the AC in his car for you, marry him!
Abuja Bigboy spotted Oppressing as he left his engine on while waiting for girlfriend

Tried on a new shirt. Kinda tight. I'm not there yet but I'm on my way. My Fuel subsidy "strolls" should do the rest!
Lol! We be blaming everything on the fuel subsidy. Employer: "why are you 2 hours late to work" Employee's reply: fuel subsidy.

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