Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Lighter Side of ... Development, Drinks, and Demonized Demonstrators

Dear Mr Gandhi: We regret we cannot fund your proposal because the link between spinning cloth and the fall of the British Empire was not clear to us.

Many more below the fold.

First World Problems: Realizing you definitely probably recognize that actor in that movie, but you're at the theater, so you can't check IMDB until you get home. UPDATE: For the many of you searching for First World Problems, here are some more.
Instant Kafka
Kid: I don't know why they can't serve our lunches with soda pop.
Frazz: It's not good for you.
Kid rolling his eyes: We were all born. We will all just as surely die somehow.
Frazz: You're a little young for that kind of existentialism.
Kid: And if a few 110-db burps in study hall make the part between more worthwhile, who are the cafeteria ladies to deny us?
Knight: You're with who?
Lady: The local chapter of the Tea Party! We'd like to support your comic strip. We'll send members to storm the offices of newspapers across the country, demanding that they carry your work!
Knight: Cool. What do I have to do in return?
Lady: You can start by spelling healthcare H-E-L-L-T-H
The Teddy Bear Tea Party

Note: I posted this originally a year ago and it has been a favorite of spambots the world over. I'm hoping by reposting it that the content will still be available for the legitimate people surfing for "First world problems" and slow the bots.

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