Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thankful for small favors

I was introduced to a new term today: Idiocracy (n) - government of the least capable, elected by the least capable of getting a job.

I wondered how to reconcile its pith with the notion of a government of the least capable, elected by the most capable of using public processes for private gains.

Then I saw this comic and smiled at what is missing. Note that the White House, the Congress, and state legislatures are shown packed full of money. "The buck stops here and here and here" indeed. But what is missing?

The Supreme Court. In all the complaints I have heard of that august body, I have never heard anyone claim that it has been or can be bought. Filled with ideologues, all of whom legislate from the bench on the basis of their political leanings, I've heard. Up for sale, no. Today I am thankful for one branch of government that can't be bought.

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