Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The leaders

Platon, the New Yorker photographer, did a pretty major photo shoot with a lot of top world leaders at the UN general meeting in September. Africa is a Country very kindly posts the pictures of a handful of African leaders with a bit of their descriptions. Particularly the Mugabe story is fascinating: another leader saw Mugabe get up and waited to sit down; when asked what was wrong, he answered, "There's blood on that chair." (hat tip Texas in Africa):

You can see the entire collection here but most of the stories Platon tells aren't worth it. "Beautiful" is his favorite word. A few of his comments, however, are quite interesting, so let's make a game of it, shall we?

Can you match the world leader with his description by New Yorker photographer Platon?

A. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - Iran
B. Silvio Burlisconi - Italy
C. Yukio Hatoyama - Japan
D. Andry Rayjoelina - Madagascar
E. Jacob Zuma - South Africa
F. Ban Ki-moon - UN Secretary General

1) "said, 'You have to separate yourself from your job. I wouldn't be criticized if I didn't have this responsibility.'"

2) "had a warmth and exuberance, it wasn't natural, perhaps," "perhaps no photographer has ever shouted at him 'You look wicked' before, but that tickles him"

3) is "incredible, so cheeky," "he gave me that cheeky, naughty kind of smile," he was "loving every second of it"

4) "looks like he's 15," "I thought this guy was an intern"

5) is "totally Fred Astaire"

6) is "a very childlike man," "he giggles like a little boy," "this irony that there's this innocence about his eyes."

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