Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti Responses

CNN coverage here.


You have probably read about the devastating quake in Haiti. The FP blog names a number of place you can give to help. Normally I would not chime in, but sometimes I have a personal connection to an NGO that really makes a difference, and people appreciate the pointer to an organization they previously would not have known.

My brother Kent started an organization called Haiti Partners with several Haitian colleagues. It has one of the most fantastic operating cultures I know. They have an Earthquake Response Fund.

If you want to give to a place that you know will be effective (especially because so many funds will be choking the main pipelines) consider that one.

We express our sympathy and prayers on behalf of the citizens of Haiti following the recent devastating earthquake. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is immediately shipping humanitarian relief, including personal hygiene kits and supplies for newborns. Efforts are underway to determine further humanitarian response in coordination with government and disaster relief organizations. Donations for relief efforts can be made at
Marginal Revolution:

Just two days ago I was trying to convince a group of my colleagues to come to Haiti with me for a three-day weekend outing. Had we gone, we would have stayed in what is now the epicenter of the earthquake. The hotel I had in mind...I believe it does not exist any more but has fallen down the hills into oblivion. It is difficult for me to fathom what must be going on there and how it will continue to play out. In addition to thousands of lives, much of the Haitian cultural heritage has been destroyed. Here is an image of Simbi, god of healing.

Here is one reputable place to donate.

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