Friday, March 12, 2010

Cornell Economics on Minimum Wage

From the Cornell Chronicle:
In an opinion piece on minimum wage, professor Richard Burkhauser writes, "As an economist who has spent the last two decades studying the unintended consequences of labor market policies, I can confidently say that the best medicine to cure the employment ills of [young, unemployed] Americans would be revisiting the 40 percent increase in the minimum wage that Congress passed in 2007." San Diego Union-Tribune - March 7
He cites the following figures as strong motivators to get legislation passed that will help the poor and African-Americans. Either party can call it a win, so go for it!
the unemployment rate is 9.7 percent nationwide, but among teens the number is more than two-and-a-half times higher. African-American teens have it even worse; they are facing a truly daunting 43.8 percent unemployment rate, and that doesn’t count those who have stopped looking. ... entry-level employees won’t be hired unless employers can pay them entry-level wages.

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