Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Micro-livestock part 2

Let's face it: even guinea pigs may be too big. The FAO is looking at creative sources of protein to feed the world's population and have hit on ... INSECTS.

Insects are more than four times more efficient at converting food into weight than cattle and you only need 100 grams of caterpillars to get your daily protein, iron, B vitamins, and more. An article entitled "For More Protein, Filet of Cricket" in this week's Science mentions as possible candidates the mopane (mo-PAN-ee) worm of southern Africa, and Mexican grasshoppers as possibly breedable. FAO will soon be encouraging countries to include insect consumption in their national food balance sheets and food security plans.

Best quote from the FAO: "some [advisers] get their insecticides ready, and others get their chopsticks."

Of course, the thought of eating insects brings only one movie to mind: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. There were some classic, unforgettable, alternative-meat moments there.

What are your favorite alternative-meat moments?

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