Thursday, March 18, 2010

Music, my dear Watson

Now you can find out what this blog sounds like. At the moment, it sounds like a rock guitar synthesizer in the key of A. The first 30 seconds are probably the best. The song changes as the blog goes on, particularly if I were to start writing more words like bade, gad, caged, dead, ebbed, feed, deaf, etc. Hat tip: Newmark's Door

UPDATE: Having written the above, it is now a horn synthesizer in a minor.

UPDATE: And now the horns are in A again with a shorter drum cycle.

UPDATE: Organ in a, shorter drums. Can I find a fixed point update?

UPDATE: Ooh, Clavichord in a, shorter drums.

UPDATE: Drum section got very long. Methinks this codeorgan is a mite too sensitive.

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