Thursday, April 1, 2010

Advertising that makes me smile

I'm sorry that Africa is a Country didn't like this or the other videos from the song "Oh Africa" by Akon or the remade "Wavin Flag" by K'Naan for the World Cup. I understand why, and they are valid points. This is not high music, the lyrics were changed to suit corporate interests, and the stereotypes are abundant.

I still think they're clever and I appreciate him continually posting the songs he doesn't like for me to enjoy. I will have to plead guilty for being part of the target audience for the musical junk food. It's making me much more interested in the World Cup than I've been before (aside from when I was in Germany and everyone was addicted to it).

The battles between Coke and Pepsi (neither of whom sponsor me) are always good entertainment.


  1. Mr Watson,

    You're funny.

    Of course, I have them on repeat. Does not mean I don't think they're silly and damaging to our health.