Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Big Bag o Blog Links

Darfur in Brooklyn, picture highlights.

If only it were so easy: soap to clean politicians: Sudan edition.
If you are disgusted don’t worry there is Girifna soap bar!
It would not be easy after 20 years with out change
You will have to scrub, scrub and scrub then squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze and squeeze,
But you will like the result
girifna soap bar for the future of Sudan!

You can comment on using market pull forces to encourage agricultural development research

John Cleese on the benefits of extremism, done back in the 80s.

Robin Hanson Statements, not all of which I agree with:
Food isn’t about Nutrition
Clothes aren’t about Comfort
Bedrooms aren’t about Sleep
Marriage isn’t about Romance
Talk isn’t about Info
Laughter isn’t about Jokes
Charity isn’t about Helping
Church isn’t about God
Art isn’t about Insight
Medicine isn’t about Health
Consulting isn’t about Advice
School isn’t about Learning
Research isn’t about Progress
Politics isn’t about Policy
I didn't actually tip my hit to Marginal Revolution for this one.

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