Friday, May 7, 2010

The Good Old Days: N. Korean Humor

I used to think Soviet humor was pretty good. It's got nothing on North Korean: torture, starvation, suicide, and turning in the neighbors with a smile and a chuckle. Thanks as always, MR.

The least morbid:
At High School No. 1 in Pyongyang, a girl brags to her teacher about the cat she's got at home: "Our cat has just given birth to seven kittens. All of them just stick close to their mother, they feel really comfortable, and sleep all the time. They're all true communists."

A few days later, the teacher asks the girl: "Are the communist kittens at home growing up nicely?"

The girl says: "Comrade teacher, big trouble! They've all opened their eyes, and they've all renounced communism!"

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