Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No Lions Here

It's not often that National Geographic gets a gold star for its reporting on African society, but Africa is a Country caved and gave the upcoming article "Mandela's Children" some love for depicting ongoing racial tensions in a sophisticated way:
The feature–the pictures and the text as a unit–presents South Africa as a hybrid of modernity and tradition, rich and poor, violent and compassionate; in short, an entanglement of realities that while complicated, is certainly not unworthy of the world’s attention next month.
P.S. my sincerest gratitude goes to The Society for getting through an African feature without the single mention of a lion. Thank you.
The caption for the photo gallery reads: "South Africa is a vibrant, multiethnic democracy striving, with mixed success, to fulfill its promise." The photos range from ballet and bagpipes to strip searches, Scrabble, and shacks.

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