Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Lighter Side: Food Policy Consequences

For any who can't read the pictures:
1 -
Carson: Gaaaah! Igor, you shouldn't eat cow!
Igor: Why Not?
Carson: Cows devastate the environment, they take up valuable space that can be used for crops, they eat crops which could feed millions of people, and they produce methane which contributes to the greenhouse effect!
Igor: Ok. Now, to me, that means we need to eat more of them.
Carson: Gaaaah!

2 -
King of Id: I have decided to ban trans fat
Rodney: That will just lead to a black market
Man in coat: Want to buy a doughnut?

3 - Based on the shape and the components, you're really going to argue that the food pyramid isn't just a conspiracy to boost pizza sales?

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