Wednesday, July 28, 2010

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Being American = cosmopolitanism/universal human rights?
A cosmopolitan politics is about taking seriously the idea that the welfare of Chinese people is as objectively important as the welfare of Americans. Cosmopolitan lifestyle is more about knowing where to find authentic Sichuan-style cooking.
 The impact of impact analysis
USAID has begun to favor health programs over democracy strengthening or governance programs because health programs can be more easily measured for impact. Rule of law efforts, on the other hand, are vital to development but hard to measure and therefore get less funding.
Filling in dug ditches:
As I understand it, there’s quite a bit of (unproductive) work involved with being unemployed such as filing papers, taking courses, and passing around papers between various agencies.
[Being unemployed] is like being a temp government worker that fills the holes that the people working inside the social transfer system area digging. In other words, when there is a surplus of workers, the government hires them to do meaningless paperwork.

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