Friday, August 6, 2010

LDS in Iraq

The interesting story of US army colonel Hollingsworth, called to organize an LDS district in Iraq for the members living there (the Baghdad Iraq Military District). An excerpt:
When he served as director of training for the Iraqi military, he spent several months with a three-star general who was a Muslim. Because the general had difficulty pronouncing the word "Hollingsworth," he referred to him as "Colonel Guy." He said, "I have really grown to love Colonel Guy… the one thing I have felt of him is that, to me, he is a man of the Hajj."
"In Islam there are five pillars," said Hollingsworth. "The fifth and most important is the opportunity for Muslims to go to Mecca… and go through the Pilgrimage of the Hajj. Once you go through that, you become a man of the Hajj, purified and come to a higher state. That to me is the ultimate compliment I have ever received."
He is now back in the States and is no longer District President.

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