Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nutrition Labeling touts NuVal - the 0-100 scale measuring nutrition value of supermarket foods.
The system, which is licensed by grocery chains, was developed by a group of independent doctors and experts
Most of the time it's pretty intuitive. Then why do we need it, you ask.
not all NuVal scores are that obvious. Regular Jif peanut butter has a score of 20, while Reduced Fat Jif peanut butter — seemingly healthier — is only rated at seven. Although the reduced fat version is lower in fat, it contains more sugar and sodium to make up for the accompanying reduced taste.
Of course, if you're in a position where you have a high-fat/low-sugar diet otherwise, that may be a pretty good switch. On the other hand, peanut fats are the good kind so you may be increasing the percent of bad fats in your diet. On the other other hand (nutritionists can sound like economists too!) low-fat anything is "mostly pointless if you're still going to eat the entire box" in one sitting.

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