Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sentences that Intrigued me a month ago

Not sure why this didn't post then, but here they are:

Coulmas describing Japan - "A growing percentage of the population, both married and never married, without children has no vested interest in society, with hitherto unknown consequences for its self-image and sense of purpose"

Reported by Economix - "Bulgaria’s defense ministry on Thursday lifted a ban on women serving aboard submarines just as parliament decided to mothball the country’s only submarine."

Kaestner and Khan on Medicare Part D - "much of the additional use of prescription drugs that results from gaining prescription drug insurance is [of ] relatively low value in terms of health benefits"

On EU regulators: "Nonsensical decisions may be taken by majority vote on things that are really about the UK." But who will supervise the supervisors of the supervisors?

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