Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How many hands does it take to be an economist? or Non-consensus is good too

"Two-handed economists are valuable because they set out the arguments, pro and con, and allow the observer/reader to reach her own conclusion." -- Goodheart, JEL, Mar 2011, p. 115

"The twelve chapters in this volume present a 'one-handed' presentation of good news, telling the story of how [economics] helped lead the way to better public policies over the past fifty or so years. ... More 'on the other hand' would have helped to develop a more realistic appraisal of how much economics can be expected to accomplish in the policy arena...." -- Watts, JEL, Mar 2011, p. 129-130.

And some prescient comments about an economist who lost his second hand but gained a Nobel regardless.

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