Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The qualtitatively evil goatee

Just how evil is the goatee? I was pleasantly surprised at this chart which shows that the goatee typically favored by my Lovely and Gracious is almost as trustworthy as the sage's disheveled mop. However, if someone somehow failed to see my faint mustache, they would mistake me for something between questionable and unsavory.

Among the cultural stereotypes I've had to dispel in Nigeria is the idea that there would be a lot more beards around town in this far more Islamic area. Apparently it's not Islamic Nigerian custom to sport beards.

Dictators, apparently, are a fairly good group for facial hair on the lip. However, in aid circles "it is fair assumption to make that there is a reverse proportionality between the presence of a goatee and decision-making authority..." Maybe they question our field cred...

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