Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Today I Saw

Yesterday I walked from the university to the club and back, and today I walked to Luka's market from home and back. I am slowly realizing that, while I am expected to greet every male I come across -- even people on motorcycles nod or wave -- I really oughtn't greet the women on my own initiative. I am also discovering that I'm not very polite here yet: I have yet to learn to say "You are welcome" when greeting someone, even at my own doorstep.

Yesterday I saw a man sleeping on his motorcycle. I was impressed with the balance required.

Today I saw 10 goats in a 15 minute walk.

Today I saw the Friendship Guest House, whose motto is "... where hospitality ends!" It made me think of Germany, which has the odd ability to exemplify hospitality and guest-friendliness, but somehow customer-friendliness escapes them.

Today I saw a man sleeping on a blanket on the dirt, waiting for someone to come by and show interest in the 5 cages of song birds he kept by the side of the road.

Today I saw a woman carrying unidentified things to a medium sized fire, which I can only deduce she was using to create ashes for soap or charcoal.

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