Monday, March 22, 2010

Big Bag o Blog Links

How to overdo reporting on South Africa's World Cup.

What would you do with $10 billion to help the poor? Mo Ibrahim says: improve developing country governments' statistical capacity.

The size of the death toll from Haiti's earthquake.

IFPRI has a new book out on the importance of scarce clean water for health, hunger, and poverty and ways to improve water management.

OXFAM warns that the rains were not good for Western Africa last year and could lead to serious food shortages, particularly for Niger.

Shifting focus for USAID.

Winning bronze makes you happier than winning silver. Why? Different reference points to the question "what if..." HT: MR

The Onion discovers the illusion of money, and in the process reaffirms my desire to find out why rational, forward-looking economists accept money. Don't they know the world will end with probability 1 in several billion years??

Parenting like an economist to overcome fear.

The Festival of Colors

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