Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A More satisfying large Bag o Blog Links

Hat tip: Owen Barder
For a good time with data, call data.worldbank.org.
A back of the envelope calculation of the effects of trade on development: 200k Euro per day in Ethiopia rose exports and another $2 million per day in Kenya's floristry lost because of restricted air travel.

What is fungibiility? Why is econometrics the wrong tool to use? Whose money and whose ethics?

When econometrics is the right tool to use, the question should not be if the effect of an aid program is statistically different from 0, but if it's statistically better than just giving them cash. (see right)

Blattman and George Mason inform us that:
more than a quarter of television weathercasters agree with the statement “Global warming is a scam,” and nearly two-thirds believe that, if warming is occurring, it is caused “mostly by natural changes.”
(The survey also found that more than eighty per cent of weathercasters don’t trust “mainstream news media sources,” though they are presumably included in this category.)
At last, Chevy Chase's dream has come true: a cleaning and dessert all in one.

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