Monday, November 15, 2010

The African Food System

The African Food System and Its Interaction with Human Health and Nutrition is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary research effort between researchers at Cornell University, United Nations University, and other eminent scholars and policymakers worldwide under the direction of Per Pinstrup-Andersen. It is the first in a series discussing the gaps in knowledge that prevent governments in Sub-Saharan Africa from accomplishing the Millennium Development Goals. The research is targeted at a broad audience and does not assume specific technical knowledge to make use of the insights from the chapters.

Topics include: economics; nutrition; politics; poverty traps; malaria; AIDS; livestock; environment; food aid; population; gender studies

I am very happy to see the book come out as it is my first publication (I am the lead author on chapter 2 on nutrition). There will be a book launching event November 23 at Cornell University G10 Biotech Building from 4:30-6:30pm. There will be short presentations by those authors who can make it followed by a reception and book signing.

The chapters are as follows:
1 - The African Food System and Human Health and Nutrition: A conceptual and Empirical Overview (Per Pinstrup-Andersen)
2 - The Nutrition Situation in Sub-Saharan Africa (Derrill D. Watson II* and Per Pinstrup-Andersen)
3 - Disease Burden of Sub-Saharan Africa and Their Interactions with Malnutrition (Onesmo K. ole-MoiYoi)
4 - Animals as a Source of Human Disease: Historical Perspective and Future Health Risks for the African Population (E. Fuller Torrey)
5 - How AIDS Epidemics Interact with African Food Systems and How to Improve the Response (Stuart Gillespie)
6 - Pest Management, Farmer Incomes and Health Risks in Sub-Saharan Africa: Pesticides, Host Plant Resistance and Other Measures (Rebecca Nelson)
7 - Nutrition and the Environment: Fundamental to Food Security in Africa (Anna Herforth)
8 - Food Safety as a Bridge between the Food System and Human Health in Sub-Saharan Africa (Dorothy Nakimbugwe and Kathryn J. Boor)
9 - Population Dynamics and Future Food Requirements in Sub-Saharan Africa (Barbara Boyle Torrey)
10 - Income and Food Transfers to Improve Human Health and Nutrition (Harold Alderman)
11 - The Impact of Poor Health and Nutrition on Labor Productivity, Poverty, and Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa (David Sahn)
12 - Food Systems and the Escape from Poverty and Ill-Health Traps in Sub-Saharan Africa (Christopher B. Barrett)
13 - Strengthening the Role of Women in the Food Systems of Sub-Saharan Africa to Achieve Nutrition and Health Goals (Laura K. Cramer and Speciosa K. Wandira)
14 - Bridging the Gap: Linking Agriculture and Health to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals (Joachim von Braun, Marie T. Ruel, and Stuart Gillespie)

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