Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Big Bag of US Politics, post election

What CGD expects for development and ODA in the upcoming Congress.

Government service provision capacity in a digital world: 85% impressed and 15% terrified.
Local knowledge in ... the Midwest. The post that started the firestorm.
A fascinating reason to vote no on re-election if you are an uninformed voter: if you were pivotal, it must be that a lot of people are worried.
Where the rest of the money for political attack ads comes from ... and it's a lot.
Hayek felt environmental regulation was inevitable and, though regrettable, needed ... and that in the Road to Serfdom, no less.
Telephone directories as precursors of the internet.
On the economics of law schools and oversupply.
Pres. Obama's lack of contrition.
and Charlie Rangel following suit: "somewhere along the line, he began believing his own press. He was too important to bother with details like taxes or rent laws or the House rules."

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